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  • Organic Sumatra Mandheling (5 pound)

    Benelux Sumatra Coffee
    Benelux Sumatra Coffee

    Organic Sumatra Mandheling (5 pound)


    This comes from the Lake Toba region of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. This is roasted at our Dark Level to increase the Earthiness of taste. Full Body, Light acidity, and Well Balanced. Grown at 3500ft elevation and Semi-Washed (or “Wet-Hulled”). Coffee is washed in parchment, parchment is removed, and then coffee left to dry.

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  • Steeped Coffee Bags (Bag of 10) (Copy)

    China bag  9x7cm  2020 10 25
    China bag  9x7cm  2020 10 25

    Steeped Coffee Bags (Bag of 10) (Copy)


    If you can use a tea bag, you can use our coffee bag.   It is easy way to make a fresh cup of coffee.